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Product name : Massage set
Item : Set E
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Massage set include:
-1pc of massage slipper;
-1pc of facial massage;
-1pc of body massage;
-1pc of back bar;
-4bottles of aroma oils, lemon, eucalyptus, teatree and peppermint. 100ml/bottle.
- white box

The main advantage to combining a sauna with a massage session lies in the fact that when the muscles of the body are warm they become far suppler and therefore respond better to treatment. People relax more during a sauna massages than they do during ordinary massage sessions.

The heat of a sauna session naturally has the effect of speeding up circulation and detoxifying the body. This process may be amplified when combined with particular forms of healing massage such as reflexology and hot stone massage. In addition, most massage therapists make use of essentials oils during their treatment sessions. In many cases the ingredients in these oils are activated by heat and thus become even more effective when used in a sauna or steam room. This is particularly true of essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint, all of which produce a tingling sensation when exposed to heat. Oil massage helps to increase circulation, facilitate the removal of toxins, soften tense muscles, helps to keep the joints flexible, and relieves fatigue, aches and pain in the body. And besides, it feels good – both in body and in imagination.

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